We offer a wide variety of massage techniques. 

Therapeutic Massage
This technique uses firm pressure and focuses on releasing deep layers of tissue with the intent of breaking up old structural imbalances caused by injury, compensation, exercise or poor posture.

Myofascial Massage
Using no lotion, this technique stretches and rebalances the body from head to toe, skin to bone with the intent of releasing and unwinding lines of tension across the body.

Craniosacral Therapy
This technique uses gentle manipulations and pressure to assist, restore and balance the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the body for optimum health.

We also offer Reflexology, 
Maternity, Relaxation and Thai massage. Contact us for more information.

Corporate Massages

Relief for the office! Implementing corporate massage as part of your company’s wellness program has many short-term and long-term benefits for both employer and employee.
Hourly rates are available and services are provided by registered massage therapists.

Call us for more information.